airelle: 30 years of experience

airelle is a non-profit-making association created in 1985 with the vocation to welcome, advise and accompany any person in need of help person or group of persons who intend to create, take over or develop an activity, whether for profit or not, in the Limousin and in Dordogne.
airelle is identified on its territory as a major player in socio-economic development. Its know-how in of support for the creation and development of projects has led her to forge close relationships of trust with a multitude of local players: local authorities, associations, funding bodies, entrepreneurial networks, etc.

Our vision of accompaniment

airelle association excludes any uniform logic of accompaniment; a single method of accompaniment that would suit everyone, whatever their personal situation or project. We are convinced that the best "support method" is the one that best meets the needs of future entrepreneurs and their project, the one that respects their constraints, gives them confidence and makes them want to move forward and build.

The duration and content of an accompaniment are specific to the progress of the project, the objectives, needs, constraints and resources of each person.

Moreover, the entrepreneur and his or her project are inseparable. Living conditions (family, territory, environment) therefore play a decisive role in the successful development of projects and are, therefore, completely integrated into the support.