The incubator Rhizome

Carried by airelle, Rhizome is an incubator for Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) projects. Its mission is to network SSE and economic development players in Corrèze in order to encourage the emergence and development of socially-oriented activities.

Rhizome supports SSE project leaders by offering "à la carte" support coordinated by a monitoring committee. This monitoring committee brings together partners recognized for their know-how in terms of support for social and solidarity projects.

The partners of the Rhizome Incubator

Rhizome is a vector for linking collective social and solidarity economy projects with the main environmental actors in which these projects are involved.

What is an incubator ?

Incubators are programs or structures involved in the creation of an activity. Within the incubators, professionals accompany one or more people in the realization of their project(s).

the Social and Solidarity Economy

Actors of the social and solidarity economy (SSE), whatever their status (associations, cooperatives, foundations, etc.), adopt common principles of solidarity and social utility.

These structures adopt democratic and participatory management methods. In concrete terms, they strictly control the use of the profits they make: individual profit is prohibited and the results are reinvested in the structure. This means that the company will use its profits to serve a disinterested cause and that, consequently, its primary objective is not to make a profit.